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Cloud QR

by Digitalt Hjärta

QR codes from images, sounds and videos on your device

Create QR codes with images, sounds, text, videos and documents from your device. Cloud QR automatically uploads files to the cloud and creates QR codes from the link.

Create QR codes from many sources

Super easy

Create QR codes from many different sources. Images and Sounds is uploaded to the web for you.

Smart video player

Kids safe

QR codes that links to popular video sites like Youtube and Vimeo only shows the video player without social features.

Print options

Smart printing

Print multiple QR codes at once and fit as many as you like on each paper.

Record audio

Record audio

Use the built in microphone and records sounds. The file is uploaded to the Internet and a QR code is created for the link.

Make it pretty

Be creative

Add colors and textures and give your codes a easy to remember name.



The history tab makes it easy to reuse your codes. Give them a name to find them more easy.

Learn how to create QR codes

Do you wonder how to create a QR with an image? Or sound? Or YouTube video? Check these tips out!

6 awesome tips on how to create QR codes

Skolappar logotyp

In my opinion, this app is really well thought-out. There's even a voice synthesis providing audio versions of texts from scanned QR codes. This app deserves top grades!

Ulrika Jonson, Skolappar

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Made with privacy in mind

Cloud QR is made with privacy and schools in mind. You only need an email address and a password to get started and you have control of any file you upload to Cloud QR. If you delete it it is gone from our servers. We never ever sell or share your information with third parties.

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